Microsoft Windows 10 PCs that will bring voice control assistant Cortana is revealed.

This is also true of the world views a day on more than one operating system that unveiled a headset.

In addition, the firm OS upgrade Windows 8, Windows 7 and offered free of charge for devices running Windows Phone announced.

The release of Windows 10 is limited to the first year of its adoption, which can offer.

The charge for the updates from Microsoft’s previous policy marks a change in strategy, and the relatively slow uptake of Windows 8 could help avoid a repeat.

WATCH: Microsoft’s Alex Kipman Windows hologram on the company introduced the concept of

One analyst firm needs to renewed interest in the environment suggested he had.

“Overall, we have only about 10 percent of computers that are running Windows 8 and companies know the rate of adoption is similar or less,” Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester Consulting said.

“Developers mass market for consumer apps on Windows are not paying attention, and most of the energy iPad and Android mobile apps for Android tablets is going to argue for Enterprise Software can make.

“Windows 10 that will attract customers in the exciting, powerful applications developers to write software is a great treat.

“My hunch is that they tablet PC and a new generation of applications can be achieved. The challenge is to get people interested in this phone.”

The holographic helmet

Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella HoloLens headset lived for Developers “category creation” of a “magic moment” symbol.

see-through augmented reality wearable tech Glass lenses represent a major leap over the other existing glass – Machine handling wear around computer-generated elements, which appeared on the stage presentation, which lasts .

The final version of the company’s machine to work will not need to be connected to other devices, and Windows 10’s “time limit” should be released within.

It is working with NASA had already cut is revealed, and the European Space Agency as soon as July with a prototype version to control the Mars rovers have hoped to start.

Compared to other devices in the system firmware HoloLens a more “personal” experience will provide a lens through which to see, Features

Machine wear other presentation included:

  • living room furniture appearing over the video game Minecraft game with graphics

It was taking place on the wall of a building, as if watching • a Skype video show

  • Voice commands and moving his hands to form it in front of her face while she was a model in which a drone, create

“True innovation HoloLens developer in the coming months and years will be determined by the commitment offers,” commented Geoff Blaber consultancy CCS Insight.

“Windows 10 early in his tenure as CEO Satya Nadella is an important moment.

“The market needs to deliver HoloLens cooperation and innovation in recent years has slowed to a halt execution is breaking down the silos that is an encouraging sign.”

Cortana on PC

Instead of Windows 10 PC / tablets, mobile phones and Xbox game console for the firm to different people, each size brings the same operating system for mobile devices.

The limited voice control tool for Windows Phone handsets – users “one day” on the PC will be able to use one of the main features is Cortana.

WATCH: Microsoft executive who demonstrates Belfiore computer firm Cortana Assistant

Belfiore software for Microsoft executive who asked how that could be demonstrated:

  • Bring PowerPoint presentation documents
  • Search for photos taken during a certain month
  • Assessment and send e-mails

Weather forecast since they should wear a coat that indicates whether or not • tell the user

  • Show them where the car is parked

Moreover, Mr. Belfiore type of software, rather than a PC that was spoken in response to requests that can be used to demonstrate how.

Windows 8 touch on the mouse and keyboard commands so much attention to was criticized by some.

But Mr. Gillett they control the voice of Cortana could prove more popular than thought.

Cortana based on a user’s past behavior will be able to make suggestions

“Voice communication with the computer is no substitute for being one to complement other methods,” he said.

Instead of touching or clicking your every command had to say, “If it would be annoying.

“Cortana can tell you quickly if, for example, schedule lunch with my mother next Tuesday, then that’s powerful.”

Spartan browsing

Mr. Belfiore also one of the main benefits of Windows 10 highlights an app running on it, instead phones, tablets machine running a different program for reformatting in accordance with the user interface, the device will run on multiple types and PC.

Jump Media Player

Media Player help

Out Media Player. Continue to press the Return or Tab.

WATCH: Microsoft executive who is the company’s new web browser, codenamed Project Spartan Belfiore proof

He said the firm’s popular Office applications Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more advanced version of Windows images that he collates and type a new “universal” app showed images were possible under Windows Phone 8. than running from 10 handsets can be brought to demonstrate how the means taken with different instruments.

Mr. Belfiore the firm’s Internet Explorer Web browser, codenamed Project Spartan replaced by a new program that was being confirmed reports.

This is seen on the web site as directions to a restaurant – the voice commands allow you to provide additional personal information will build Cortana.

Scribble users of the software, or type on a page and then will share with others a new “noting mode”, are included.

“Project to provide a better experience for the Spartan tradition, one that is not afraid to depart from the new Microsoft shows,” Kantar Worldpanel Comtech’s remarks from the Carolina Milanesi.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox Xbox Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to play a racing game Forza Horizon 2 that can be used to demonstrate how

The new system on the same Wi-Fi network to another Windows 10 PC or tablet to stream a video games console Xbox introduces the ability.

The main feature of this TV is being watched by other users in other rooms of the house to another device in the Xbox library will be able to play any game that means.

Sony Xperia phones and tablets and the convenience of PlayStation titles to stream TV mini-console that allows the machine to its PlayStation 4 game offers is similar to the service.


Analysis: Richard Taylor, North America technology correspondent

Headline features many of today’s announcements were widely expected.

– The mobile, like a cloud-based music service and auto-expand to voice dictation photos – rival operating systems already available are strikingly similar to those.

But others are truly innovative – by quite a holographic ecological system of this awe-inspiring.

More traditional gaming experience gamers will appreciate the social and cross-platform.

Spartan heavy Web users and the features of the web browser, as well as by Cortana’s deep integration may be tempted.

And on the desktop is a groundbreaking addition to the powerful natural voice assistant.

Otherwise tried and tested keyboard and mouse can still be attractive to consumers, and Cortana need to be well executed – but on the PC case for voice interaction as mobile there is a well proven.

The main question is: an enhanced feature set of Windows and the familiarity of the previous version to upgrade the collection would be enough to tempt customers?

Free gift Windows 10 for the first year of adoption is to generate a huge incentive.

Windows 10 PC well positioned to capitalize on the resurgence.

This mobile environment providing a much-needed boost to OS – and the coding applications for Microsoft rivals away from the global perspective will be enough to tempt customers is betting that: but Microsoft is hoping for more.