once-upon-a-time-recap-lead‘Once Upon A Time’ is back, and ready to stir up some magic (and trouble). The fourth season of the hit show premiered on Sept. 28 and featured a blast of ‘Frozen’ air!

The highly-anticipated fourth season of Once Upon A Time debuted on Sept. 28, and the drama in Storybrooke is more intense than ever. Elsa (Georgina Haig) made her chilly entrance, Frozen took over, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) attempted to figure out their relationship and we realized Regina (Lana Parilla) may be returning to her old ways.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Sister Act

Our first look at season four found Elsa and Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) parents on their ill-fated ship. Before the ship went down, Momma Frozen had to write a letter to her girls. She hoped the message in a bottle would one day fall in the hands of her daughters. Where’s Ariel when you need her?

“Anna and Elsa must know the truth,” their mother frantically said. “It’s the only thing that will save them.”

Once again, Emma managed to mess things up for Regina. When Emma got back from her time-traveling adventure, she brought Robin Hood’s (Tom Ellis) wife Miriam back with her. Regina had her happy ending with Robin, and now it was all ruined. Robin made things a million times worse when he introduced Regina to Miriam. Robin’s wife still envisioned Regina as the Evil Queen and couldn’t fathom the idea of Robin and Regina.

Miriam, go home. You’re lost.

Regina walked away from the crowd and Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) asked the million dollar question: “You don’t think she’ll become evil again?” We shall see, Henry.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Tale As Old As Time

Grumpy and Sleepy were heading home from a party when they came face-to-face with Elsa. Sleepy fell asleep at the wheel and Elsa used her powers to stop the car dead in its tracks.

Emma continued her icy stroll into Storybrooke. She spotted a wedding dress, which took her back to a moment with Anna. The young princess was anxiously awaiting what Elsa had planned, and it was better than she could ever imagine. Elsa presented Anna with their mother’s wedding dress.

While Anna tried on the dress, Elsa discussed Anna’s impending nuptials. Elsa did NOT want to walk down the aisle with Sven. (Um, why not?) and was worried about how Kristoff would be dressed. Yes, he was raised by trolls, but he knew what to wear to a wedding. Plus, he cut his hair. (WHAT?!)

However, the mood soured when Elsa found her mother’s diary and assumed her death was all her fault.

Gold finally visited Neal’s grave, and the scene was just heartbreaking. “I only like to her to avenge your death,” Gold said. He revealed that Belle didn’t have the real dagger. Gold also confessed that he wished he could be the man Belle wanted him to be. “Your heroism will show me the way,” Gold said.

Robin stopped by Regina’s and wanted to talk. This would go one of two ways. He apologized and admitted that his feelings for her were real, but he made a vow to Miriam and he must honor it.

Heart. Broken.

Regina was devastated, to say the least. She could feel herself unraveling. She broke a mirror and realized she needed a certain someone — Sidney aka Magic Mirror! Wasn’t going to give up and she needed someting (more like someone) taken care of.

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Gold (Robert Carlyle) have a new place! And things got super romantic very quickly. Belle and Gold were newlyweds, but they hadn’t yet had their first dance.

Cue that classic Beauty and the Beast scene we all know and love. Yellow ball gown and all!

Belle and Gold danced to “Tale as Old as Time.” (SLAY ME.)

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Emma still hadn’t told Henry about Hook. She tried to tell Snow that there was no Captain Swan. (Seriously, Emma?) Hook knew Emma was avoiding him, but she sweared she was just dealing with “stuff.” Hook assured her there would always be a crisis, and they had to enjoy the quiet moments. Their moment didn’t last for long. Suddenly, Sleepy came screaming through the town saying they were under attack.

Back in Arendelle, Elsa tried to explain to Anna why she thought their parents really left. She believed they thought she was a monster. Anna wanted to prove to everyone that Elsa wasn’t what she thought, so they went to Anna’s future in-laws for help! Grand Pabbie didn’t know what their parents were doing, but knew where they were going — Misthaven.

Emma and Hook followed Elsa’s trail, spooking the Ice Queen. So naturally, she created MARSHMALLOW. Emma and Hook pissed him off and he started off after them. Marshmallow continued to crush everything in sight.

“It’s a snowman…run!” Grumpy said. That’s something I never thought I’d hear.

While Elsa hid from everyone, she found the paper with Gold’s wedding announcement. She seemed very interested.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Happy Endings

Regina knew exactly what she needed from Sidney (Giancarlo Esposito) — the exact moment she captured Miriam back in the day. She didn’t wanted Sidney to kill Miriam, just change the future. Regina planned to go back in time and undo Emma’s mistake. Her master plan was to kill Miriam before she could be saved.

The only way Sidney could help with all of this was to become the Magic Mirror again.

Poof. He’s back! As expected, he did her bidding. But how long is he going to be willing?

Meanwhile, Emma, Hook, Charming, Miriam and Robin ran into the woods to seek refuge from the big and mighty Marshamallow. The only thing they thought could save them was Emma’s magic. Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick. Thankfully, Regina was there to save the day.

After their icy brush with death, Hook attempted to talk to Emma. HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU EMMA. GEEZ.

“Right now, I just feel too guilty,” Emma said. She quickly kissed him and told him to be patient.

I can only wait so long, Emma.

Emma went to see Regina and explained that she wasn’t going to stop until she gave Regina a happy ending. This sparked new curiosity for Regina. Now, Regina wanted to change fate, but Sidney said that wasn’t possible. She explained that in the storybook, the villain never wins. She’s out to find the writer of the book and force him/her to give the villains a happy ending.

After Gold’s romantic dance with Belle, he went back to the object he’d had his eye on the second they arrived in their new home. He used his sword to unveil the Sorcerer’s Hat! Oh lord.

Back in the Arendelle days, Elsa headed to see Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) after she couldn’t find Anna. She found him in the stables with Sven. Despite Kristoff’s attempts at lying, he confessed that Anna had booked passage on a ship to Misthaven. Elsa was baffled that Kristoff let Anna go alone, but Kristoff was needed in Arendelle. Anna didn’t want Elsa to be alone. (Aw, sisters!)

“She sometimes acts before she thinks,” Elsa told Kristoff. Yep, Anna did just that. Kristoff dropped the bomb on Elsa (and everyone else) that Misthaven was also known at the Enchanted Forest!

In the present day, Elsa broke into Gold’s shop and found something she recognized! It was the snowflake necklace Anna was wearing went she traveled to Misthaven!

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