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Telenor Pakistan’s youth-centric brand djuice, has announced the launch of Apportunity 2014 – a competition for Pakistani students and software developers to create mobile phone applications (apps). Djuice has been organising Apportunity for the past two years and in that short period of time, the competition has gained immense popularity amongst the youth across the country.

This year, Apportunity is even bigger than before as djuice has partnered with Microsoft to help bring the competition to the Windows Phone platform besides the already popular Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. Microsoft is also supporting djuice to reach major university incubation centres in order to encourage quality app submissions. Moreover, with the support of Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA), for the first time, djuice is opening the competition to software houses, as well.

Apportunity 2014 has also introduced coaching and mentoring sessions, whereby it will be helping participants refine their ideas and take development advice from experts within this field. The winners of the competition will have the chance to present their groundbreaking app at the Digital Winners Global App Developer Challenge 2014 in Oslo, Norway. They also stand a chance to win a grand prize of $33,000. If the participants don’t win the grand prize, djuice will still give them Rs 200,000 worth of prizes!

Wanting all participants to have the chance to take home something for their hard work, djuice will also offer the runner-up in Pakistan Rs 200,000 worth of prizes, apart from which winners in each category will also be awarded Nokia Lumia handsets and internships at Microsoft Innovation Centre Pakistan.

This time around, a new category — Best Internet App — has also been introduced, to cater to a wider range of app creators. The winners in this category will receive Rs 100, 000 worth of prizes.

There will be 10 distinct categories open for app submissions, which will include business, entertainment, sports, utilities etc.

To participate in the competition, developers can submit their app ideas on djuice’s official website (www.djuice.com.pk/apportunity). The deadline for entries is July 10, 2014, while app submission will be entertained till August and the winner will be announced by the end of August.