Imran khan yaman ka elan kar dia

mran Khan, the government commission refused to talk further, becoming part of the fight against Yemen, Sharif tells Addiction decided to become part of the war in Yemen who has been in Parliament and the APC? The commission has not set points will be on the road ‘general elections this year, a written judgment will be made by the State, taking a kubhth’ dead body and not be directed to send money Kapisa gathered ky’nuazsr Addiction London Asif Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto aurhmzh shbazsr Addiction people like politics because of the “KP over 5 years 150 billion timber theft happened, we have 10 billion timber seized, written a justice chief Imran Khan’s written a fair. Almost near the club’s opening speech to business, media.

Lahore (Urdu Point in success in the 27 March .2015) written a justice chief Imran Khan has said that if N points According to the Judicial Commission had not default, we will take to the streets and their right to judicial “I met with him several audiotapes of Nawaz addiction can bring out the ‘ordered destroyed Pakistan’s institutions and businessmen have also been ordered to move abroad to countries Inc hyn’byrunan institution seek written a judge in his own monarchy could not ga’nuazsr Addiction, Asif Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto aurhmzh shbazsr Addiction people like merit politics because they come from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over 5 years 150 billion Wood theft happened and we have 10 billion Wood also recently seized He Fri local school hotel, former governor of Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar-led massacre written a fair business club’s opening is almost close to the politicians and the media While talking to representatives written on the occasion of a justice the central secretary general Jehangir The current Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood dqr Jesse republication Punjab Mian Mahmood-member National Assembly and there thy. Amran Mahmood Khan will not change and if the government agreed to the provisions relating to the Commission bnayatu we will be on the streets and be difficult to rule the government said in his speech Muhammad sarwar said that New Pakistan can only by Imran Khan. The Pakistani business community is doing.get rid of all problems and crises. have been.We have to strengthen Pakistan’s business community and the business judgment rule after the tax shall, in consultation with the business community. Businesses are moving abroad and even in the face of political leadership in Pakistan has already been tainted because of ordered and ordered to be nothing but money. Imran Khan of Pakistan will be the only politician who can tolerate criticism.