Well, here at the end Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is our first look. Kingsman UK debut of the film before its first teaser trailer unveiled: the Secret Service. It also discussed the footage or photos first glimpse of 20th Century Fox’s reboot. And how is it? Well, it actually looks pretty good. A teaser is a teaser, but this movie based on a comic book that has some resemblance is clear that for hard science fiction. And I (and others) in terms of species diversifies the comic book superhero movie that can survive just about how much consideration, it seems like a step in the right direction.

We ofKingsman lines with director Matthew Vaughn and Dave Gibbons, the Secret Service who wrote the comic book, Mark Millar’s (as well as with people, how the movie or can not be atroubled and / or destructive production all Kingsman heard stories and rumors unfinished film to defend the piping) is based. Of course, in basically the same game that Josh Trank another superhero movie with stunning sci-fi / superhero follow-up found footage film, mostly because I did not want, Chronicle Fantastic Four difficulties met me basically the film that plays like a sandbox in. But in this day and age it is very interesting and qualified as a traditional comic book movie that looks different.

For the moment, I can update we have a “mere” 7.5 months before its theatrical release of the film that I find are our first peek. In my proverbial day, the business was normal. Episode first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace a good six months before its theatrical debut, dropped in November. 80 different / 90 Batman teasers of their respective debuts June dropped only a few months before. Yes, Pearl Harbor or Spider-Man, 2000. The decade started seeing teasers 10-12 months out, but basically any standard marketing practices and did not consider bonuses . What we see here is fair or not, he drowned in images or teasers a year ago because Fox Fantastic Four reboot “in trouble” that estimate.

Many of the goods and the first to offer a sneak peek if you want to fall too quickly studios teasers is no problem. Certainly in the first nine months of the famous Superman film debut in July 2006 dropped the first teaser that was in the back. But just becoming standard, but not the declaration of competence in something that looks a real threat. As discussed earlier, a trailer to the only thing worse than not that he was good and ready Kudos for waiting so long to Fox, is a bad trailer .

Now to be fair, he threw out in terms of plot and character is very passionate fandom is not exactly of tidbits. D00m the bits about Dr. Doom, and change the original story (in video game journalism ethics to make a point about the Fantastic Four will try to destroy assume that) not angry blogger amping up the excitement level are. But we already back in 2005 and 2007, the Fantastic Four was a somewhat faithful variation, at least in terms of tone and spirit (I threw it a family drama with action science FI), so we really should not expect a Redo Tim story franchise (and to some extent I can, I will defend sometime in August). If you fantastic Fouragain’re going to do to you, otherwise you may end up with only Amazing Spider-Man because, as you may well be different. Rather along the lines of Universal’s The Incredible Hulk Ang Lee’s Hulk than a rehash of the foundation will have a great failure.

To paraphrase a certain new classic pop song, Fantastic Four is a franchise or is this one going down in flames. But I for one hope that is capable of high pain. I would love to be wrong all the naysaying and Josh Trank that stands out from the crowd as a genuine feeling of looking different and to provide super hero movie. Click on the movie would love to and seemingly very different superhero movie to work both artistically and financially. Sure, Fox made the film for only rights, but we are getting a new film, as well as before it could be a very different one. The point being, it is likely that the main task of marketing. I saw the teaser trailer that was before much longer than I want to see this movie.

Directed by Josh Trank written by Simon Kinberg Fantastic Four, and starring Miles Taylor, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara, 20th Century Fox, August 7th, 2015 opens. As always, we’ll see.