Expected 200,000 – – A Pakistani man and a one-way trip to Mars is among the candidates for the training which has been selected for the community Mars on a website called me.

Reginald Foulds, the ambitious mission, one of the contenders for the final six-year, according to published reports, Foulds the 42-year-old moved to Canada with his wife before retiring in 1992. A Pakistan Air Force served as a helicopter pilot in Business Insider.

“An infantry officer and as a helicopter pilot in my 22 years of military background, I am able to survive in any situation. I also stand up against the odds and in any conditions have been trained in. The curious, determined, and courageous; I have learned to be adaptable do I get out, I’m focusing a very reliable and trustworthy person, “his Friends say.

is impossible. I can not. I one of the first human to do something literally out of this world and I am determined to be. I, like Mars One team, thousands of years to come To remember to leave a legacy to the world is a point [s] to the dawn of a new era -. Human life on Mars. ”

Finally, 100 candidates from Mars, a Dutch not-for-profit company, which is located a minimum of 55 red planet, to be a one-way trip is to send four of which To make up the group will be whittled down to 24 million kilometers – six-month journey – from the ground.

Behind efforts to fulfill the mission of the group is expected to use current technology. However, unmanned mission to the Red Planet ever succeed with only half of the research is a complex place.

The mission is expected to take approximately seven months and a recent MIT study succeeded in landing space even if mad, he just using current technology will survive for 68 days is found.