The platform might be going away but owners of first generation Nokia X devices finally have something to cheer about. Microsoft has started rolling out the Nokia X Software Platform 1.2 update for the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL handsets.The company announced the news on its official Conversations blog saying, “Starting from today, those of you with a Nokia X, Nokia X+, or Nokia XL can expect to see some brand new features and enhancements coming your way.”

Nokia X device owners can check for updates by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and tapping Check Now.

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Some of the key features that the Nokia X Software Platform 1.2 update brings are the new app switcher, which allows closing apps with a single tap; pre-installed and OneNote apps; updated Nokia Store that comes with better integration with third-party stores; new scrollable widgets; call reject with a message; contact search in the dialler; automatic uploading to OneDrive, and local calendar support.

The new update for Nokia X, Nokia X+, or Nokia XL handsets also brings general performance and usability improvements.

The Nokia Support Discussions page notes, “Today we have started rolling out a new Nokia X Software Platform 1.2 update. This is a major/global release, bringing the phone software version to v. 1.2.x.x, and will be available via OTA (Over-The-Air) for the Nokia X Dual SIM, Nokia X+ Dual and Nokia XL Dual SIM users.”

Last month, Microsoft revealed that the first generation Nokia X handsets (the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL) will not be receiving the latest Nokia X software platform 2.0 OS, released with the Nokia X2 Dual SIM. The Nokia X2 Dual SIM, successor to the popular Nokia X, was announced in June, but its future is unclear now.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced plans to discontinue the Android-based handsets, and said that unannounced Nokia X series products will be making the transition to Windows Phone.

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Nokia announced the X series of phones running a heavily customised version of Android at MWC earlier this year.


Nokia X Dual SIM

Nokia X Dual SIM