If you downloaded the game card called Fool on Google Play, you can remove it from your phone or tablet. Fool has been identified as one of the three malicious applications for Android and hiding in the mind within the App Store, which is being withdrawn from sale to Google. Security firm Avast Fool were three to as many people, and notes Play Store Statistics show that has been downloaded more than five times.

The application contains advertising, but people catch on, you relax in a short period of time and the phone is installed to start. A series of pop-ups, sometimes appears when the device is unlocked, then start leading know-party app store. However, according to Avast, applications that try to send SMS messages premium and collect personal data can be found.

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Avast and realized that sometimes pop up a message warning the user of the phone has been infected by the malware, and sent them into the application security available on Google Play. Using advertising to promote genuine security programs rather unusual strategy a bit like private doctors deliberately spreading the flu. To make matters worse, security applications do not eliminate the problem after installation. Related Applications are not security issue, says Avast.

Reports of malicious Android applications and applications are not new, but it is rare to be found in Google Play, and not another app store. Google has since removed the Fool two other promotional applications are infected – IQ test applications Russian from the developers Chappe Russian history from the developers Prometheus – from Google Play.

We offered to do the same if he hangs around your phone, but how. Go to Settings, then Apps (applications or manager, depending on your device), and the search list for the offending system. If you find it, click on it and click remove.