Malala ki haqeeqat

Special Report:


In the Noble Prize distribution where Malala was rewarded with that prize one of my very close friend who is a journalist by profession was also there.  I am not giving his name because he has my words that I would not tell his name.  Yesterday night he was on skype with me and we were discussing some personal issue.  We were laughing on some point when he told the whole story of that noble prize distribution with a laughter.  He said for the last one week I am with Malala.

When I arrived at the Norway Reninge Heliport, Malala and his father come to welcome me out there.  When we were on our way I felt there is very little conversation is going on between Malala and his father and even they were not showing any gesture to each other.  Malala liked to sit on the back seat of the car besides sitting with his father with this Ipad and she started reading the speech which she had to deliver on that ceremony.  I was talking to Malala’s father on Pakistan’s current political conditions and the Dharna situation in Pakistan, I had a joke and he laughed on that joke as well with me.  Malala saw him laughing and she gave him an angry look why he is laughing and after that he did not speak too much.

When we reached home there a British woman who was waiting for Professor Malala out there.  Malala met her and they sat in a room and starting talking.  She asked Malala to read out that speech, but Malala was not able to even speak it up properly.  That lady said this is not that diary that your father got on rent in Sawat, this is not a joke.  If you could not read this out properly then that day you will be ashamed all of us.  Malala said If Kalah Bandi can give his speech in Pastho, then Why cannot I give my speech in Pasto?  On that Malala’s mother and his father come to Malala and tried to have her understand that if she did not work hard our Agenda will be finished and we will all dead.

On that Malala replied to father strictly you don’t feel any shame, first you made drama attacking on me and then you blamed Talibaan for all of that, don’t you feel any shame father? Because of you people whole is Pakistan is abusing me.  After listening this Malala’s mother started crying.  Malala loves her mother a lot so she was not able to see her crying and she promised her mother that she will try her best to prepare that speech only if this speech is written in simple English and only it will be written by that reporter who wrote my Gull Makai Waali Diary.  Malala’s father listened and got angry and he said that reporter is already demanding his share from Noble Prize.  Somebody told Malala’s father about that reporter that he is going to release all the secrets of that Diary and the Noble Prize reality after Malala will get the noble prize.  He was afraid and he called that reporter and requested him to prepare a speech for Malala.

That reporter came into the house and prepared a simple word speech for Malala.  She was taught everything how to speak, how to smile, how to pause when people are clapping, etc.  I was seeing all that scenario and was thinking how America used his agents, makes them a leader in a third world.  I was also told that in Pakistan many media houses are being hired who will show Marathon transmission at that time.

So my dear fellows this is the prize of Abdul Sattar Edhi, which was deliverd to Malala.   Think & Decide what are the realities.  Think and bring a change in yourself, in your home, in your town, in your city and in our Pakistan.