65358You can organize the largest? Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fantasy League players around the world in the greatest opportunity to choose from

International Cricket Council (ICC) has multiple game modes and special ICC Cricket World Cup with merchandise and chances to win prizes, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 the most detailed ever league game is delighted to announce the launch.

The cricket fans around the world to their favorite players with opportunities for everyone, fans can get closer than ever tournament is designed to ensure that the newly launched official ICC Cricket world Cup in 2015 can participate in the league and the teams are in the world, and feel part of the process.

On the day of the match to play a passionate fantasy league player in great detail, but for casual fans alike with great ease of access, which is most in-depth ever in cricket.

Participants have their own virtual team across all 14 World Cup teams and a profile, detailed data and image, each of which will have 210 players will get to create total. Points of the players batting, bowling, fielding and wicket with points awarded for having, on the basis of how to perform will be achieved.

Each manager of his own ‘fantasy’ team will get to select a million credit. Simulations are awarded each player has a specific role.

Players of the players overall record one-day, one-day experience and the current form of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Included in that takes into account a number of factors, an advanced algorithm based on statistical a virtual ‘value’ has been. Data considered fours career batting average and strike rate, the frequency of scores, including the number and bowled six overs per match and the economy, average bowling, hit. Since players can also earn points fielding, catch and has been factored into the stump.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has already seen the most anticipated cricket event promises to be registered and to fans on February 14. Australia and New Zealand will get underway connected with the Tournament up to now, and for this reason, and to see the player values, tofantasy.cricketworldcup.com please go.

Participants teams face off on the day and choose the correct squad players, to allow you to create a wide range of prices for each team. To make it easier for managers, will randomly select a team for users in which a ‘auto-select’ function.

Tournament Mode and Match Mode – ICC cricket league will have two game modes. Primary game tournament mode and can eat the following for each match and the tournament runs for the entire duration of the consumer. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points wins. Match mode, as each match / game day form a team and each match / game is a winner for the day.

Tournament mode users anew after each stage being able to remake their teams and keep up to date for his team during every stage of having plenty of substitutions, will have four different stages.

Phase 1 – League Stage February (21 games), Phase 2 – League Stage March (21 games), quarter-finals – (4 games) and the semi-finals – (3)

With each batch of users, according to the following teams will have to choose:

– At least four players named
– At least one all-rounder
– Minimum star
– A keeper

Any user in a single team of six players can be more than one country.

To add to the fun and competition, participants, friends, colleagues or groups to compare scores will have the option to create their own league.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fantasy fantasy teams at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 special monuments and win prizes.

Bowling and fielding, particularly wage economy runs, scoring all aspects of speed performance with a detailed scoring system that rewards do not match. Please complete the scoring system fantasy.cricketworldcup.com trips to see.