FIA ’s Action: Major Crocodiles of Sindh are under control


Karachi: KMC Department of Education 9 officers were arrested, 3 at large, Shahid Hayat Director FIA Commercial Banking Circle Press.

Karachi (27 June 2015): Director FIA Commercial Banking Circle Shahid Hayat told a press conference that the Education Department of the MC officers arrested a large number of officers have been arrested while 9 3 still at large the MC of their monthly salaries to the Department of Education in the amount of up to Rs 50 crore was given to ghost employees.(FIA)

The arrested an officer in the house of 21 ghost employees in which two employees were regular work and ghost employees in 19 of the 64-year-old mother-in-law are also included in the officer and almost seven million rupees monthly house was taken. He said that 450 bank accounts were caught. Shahid Hayat said that I am sorry that some senior officers in the work of which are against the investigation agencies are being collected.(FIA)

The Department of Education of Baldia supreme and a government official was also arrested. He said that the ghost employees of the people in the billions of Rupees and quickly. The M. about the exciting developments, Shahid Hayat said that in the Recruitment also will be an investigation. The M. C. allegedly on political grounds also exports. He further said that Money laundering investigations of also.(FIA)

Axact about abuse they had said that all bank accounts of Axact to legally Axact have been sealed and the supplementary challan was also. He said our all actions are in the according to law.(FIA)

The Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan raided the offices of the software company Axact arresting at around 45 of its employees on Tuesday.(FIA)

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar ordered FIA to probe into the special report published by The New York Times alleging the software company was earning tens of millions of dollars by selling fake degrees around the world.(FIA)

“If the said company is involved in any such illegal work which can tarnish the good image of the country in the world”, a ministry statement said.

Soon after, FIA teams comprising IT experts sealed Axact’s offices in the twin cities and registered a formal inquiry into the Axact scandal, sources privy to the development told Express News