Explosion: There is a big outbreak in the West after Asia



Moscow: Experts have warned that rising tensions between Russia and the West, an ‘unexpected clash’ may cause, both nuclear powers do not actually want by Jack Taylor, founder of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states Heavy military equipment to leave a few days after the announcement that Russia would increase its military power, forty new intercontinental ballistic missile force will entrust. Russia and Europe to each other by using the latest developments in the threats. This situation is clear that both Russia and the West, a new arms race have been involved in, which was seen in the Cold War era. However, this is a big risk that unexpected tensions can suddenly start fighting.


(Explosion) Russian President Vladimir Putin MP intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver new national army have hinted. Russian army missiles will be delivered by the end of this year. ‘Russian threat’, heavy weapons stored in the Baltic States is committed to the Foreign Affairs Council. ‘value leakage’ says, “I think this situation is extremely dangerous. The error in reading the intentions of each other has seen. “He also said that Western countries, especially the Moscow government is more skeptical. Russian expert, valued leak, said, “There is a real danger that Russia could retaliate against any attack is,


(Explosion) Who is the brainchild of? The imaginary attack Moscow in the real world can answer. “Valued leak, including experts, to prevent any possible accidental conflict, military commands between Russia and the European allies insist on a direct contact so that any misunderstanding can be produced before it ended.,


“But I do not think that any of them wants to fight. So began a campaign to both nuclear weapons. Both would be extremely serious consequences in the event of war. “On the other hand, according to some experts, Russia, Western intervention in the context of an appropriate action in areas which were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Agency for Political and Economic Communications Dmitry Orlov, director of the pro-Russian eastern Europe for the heavy military equipment from the United States by Russian troops dispatched in response to new intercontinental ballistic missiles forty announcement is logical to include. (Explosion)

He added that Moscow posed by the US government to develop strategies to deal with potential threats, but he is not preparing for war. The think tank, the Royal United Services Institute, linked to the Russian researcher Igor staying, however, despite military action by the West to Ukraine, because Moscow was the headline, “They (Russian) running water are like. And it was delivered in the context of this year, announced a new additional forty missiles not unusual. This fact is also important intercontinental ballistic missiles Russian President Putin to retire soon are going to do. (Explosion)