ICC president David Richardson believes thatthere has left no stone as ready to continue to do everything possible to promote the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, but stressed the need for players to remember their responsibilities at all times uphold the integrity of the sport.

With the International Criminal Court, which is free to download and edit an exclusive TV interview with use of online media area, the former South Africa catcher thus shared his views, and hope for the future of the sport over the peak of the 50 games the role of the ICC has been working general manager – cricket in each of the preceding three games (2003, 2007 and 2011).



In a frank and wide-ranging interview, Mr. Richardson, who is the national flower of the function in the squad also reached the semi-finals of the competition first staged this is the case in Australia and New Zealand, in 1992 believe that this want to be the best World Cup date.

And on the eve of the 11th edition of the race, Mr. Richardson has so “strong expectations for strengthening the ICC player behavior, and at all times maintain the integrity of the game, on and off the field of drama.”In the past six months, the load, even going back to the load further Ashes series, there have been too many examples of the behavior of the players to go far beyond the boundaries of acceptabilities by players each other and the amount of disrespect, said sled is bad.

since then, we’ve done a lot of work with our referees and match referee to ensure that areas of GDP is more proactive policing behavior, when the players do step sign and take appropriate action. “In the past three or four months you’ve seen loads of people charged with alleged acts do a full 12 ICC specification;. Disrespectful behavior on the pitch ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, it will be no different and all the pre-match briefing the team, the match referee will be to ensure thatthat messaging loud and clear.

” In explaining the International Criminal Court in dealing with the recent global ban suspected illegal bowling action, Mr. Richardson summed up the position of ICC Cricket World Cup for the 2015th International Criminal Court “We want to make sure we did nothing, I think it has ended load of significant progress for months to lose ground,” he said. “The game has also been achieved, we have a significant problem, and there are a lot of bowling, all of the team, and suspicious bowling action. So, I think we have made good progress in identifying these bowling, put them off to test and, if necessary, to suspend, until they can make up their actions. “There might be one or two (bowler) who werewolf pause, who now return to international cricket and the challenges they face will be to ensure thatthey maintain correct their actions.

Indication match officials will be no different and synthetic the game will be exactly the same as with any other international competitions. If anyone is bowling with suspect bowling action, they may be reported, “he continued. “Brisbane International Criminal Court recognized testing center is in standby, as if it was reported early in the game, he can go straight off Brisbane, get five or six days testing, we can have a report to do either if his findings are legitimate, or if he is illegal, then he will be suspended, he can continue to play bowling.

” The specter of corruption and match-fixing has enveloped the world of sports, Mr. Richardson has been deposited in the work of local agencies and the International Criminal Court’s anti-corruption and Security Unit (ACSU), but he also believes that the International Criminal Court is well equipped to deal with the threat of the paper.

“In terms of corruption, it can be safe to say that we are the best prepared we’ve ever been to. We have the staff to fight corruption in contract, associations and arrangements with the local police and law enforcement agencies in New Zealand and Australia do a lot of work.

“With the passage of time,” he continued, “our intelligence and those who are integrated corrosion information, and who are trying to fix possible throughout the game world, and continue to grow. We know exactly what papers to prove people wrong, we have got more than one hundred names, as we will pass to the list of law enforcement agencies synthesis. it will be difficult for anyone outside of the game to even attempt to try and corruption involved in the World Cup player, referee or any other person, trying to fix a match.

“In addition, the New Zealand and Australian governments have introduced specific legislation which makes trying to fix, or match-fixing is a criminal offense. This grace fir, not only we (ICC ACSU), but the police themselves to take more concrete and against people who are trying to synthesize destruction game direct action. ”

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