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We earn biometric, biometric ID cards and biometric ATM accepted biometric voting system so why not?
Make judgments without knowing the position is very inappropriate, in Islamabad to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day, an NGO, Youth Forum held a seminar for which Kashmir MQM MNA Iqbal Mr. Khawaja Sohail Mohammad Ali attended the seminar went to hear powerless because I stand on Kashmir MQM had never heard before. But there MQM leaders beautiful thing that is causing the loss of work, it is that we need our own ranks, otherwise the enemy is working perfectly fine from my perspective, he Youth Organization to thank him as well that he had a flock of Kashmir along the major national issues are not invited to give feedback on their terrorist group, the charges of extortion and bodies go and it is said that such things do not come MQM stance? He will give us a chance, we will present the right stance.
It’s called democracy! Every person and then a decision will be polled. Democracy in Pakistan is seen rarely. Democracy in Pakistan is only for the benefit of themselves and their family, not Pakistanis. India see for yourself how he is using democracy, at least in the interest of his country, while it is not so!
Unfortunately we can not do so, but not to appreciate India’s representatives in the House to realize that power. If it is a tragedy that we’re not meant to be seen and from judgment is given. PML-N, PTI workers who criticize the verdict seems to be to the praise of Allaah prahl House of Islam.
Any person who is not completely good nor completely bad, good or bad on any of independent judgment rather than putting ‘points tuaysu’ cases should see. We should appreciate the good work and bad condemn him, no matter who they may be. For example, it does a good job MQM and PTI should be appreciated if wrong should be criticized because this bias, human capacity for thinking and he says that tied the horse’s loins stores would like to see in one direction only and are not necessarily in the right direction.
to work and who can both work very efficiently Modi has engaged. Together they are promoting democratic values. AAP in recent state elections in Delhi Congress and BJP sweep beat no less than any wonder then that the BJP government. Voting in India for which the biometric machines are being used to further ensure the transparency of the election is made.
Imagine now that India is not plowed in the legs where the majority of people, the fabric is not clothed, no food in the stomach, 80% of people without bathrooms, but the continuous strengthening of democracy in infrastructure continue to strengthen.
Crying about how strange it is that democracy is unworthy of the name of democracy Pakistani politicians, not even his own party democracy through touch, the party may not correctly party elections in the country will hold the dust ? We earn biometric, biometric ID cards and biometric ATM accepted biometric voting system so why not?
Some time ago that Turkey had made Pakistan a system, but they also reject the offer, but why? So that would be the easiest way of manipulating hand will go? And I can imagine that in the presence of the PML-N government election in Islamabad if the PTI here or any other party could win? If my answer is ‘NO’ because I have never seen it in the least. Here, personal works, hold political rallies and election rigging lavish government machinery and the use of resources are common
Democracy in which public funds to children’s diapers have come to expect improvement there without snake bite is tantamount to pass. I only hope that the younger generation and some media organizations try to honor their rulers while periodically. Keep trying, do not give up hope hand and in this case at least learn from India. Original heard
I find it funny that I came to die!