Why Biometric System? Pros and Cons? Problems and there solution…

This is the topic I have chosen because there are many youngster or older peoples, who are facing many issues in the system which is said by the PTA that it is necessary to all person who are using any network should verified their SIM by biometric system.

What is biometric system?

It is basically unique of every person i.e. thumb impression which is stored in a database to trace a person by its identity.

Why in Pakistan?

As all Pakistanis know that all networks are going cheaper day by day, by giving packages, free minutes, balance etc, all of us want to take all of the networks and it will be our wish to take SIM on the name of our friend or any family member.

Because of careless and just taking the copy of ID card and issuing the SIM, this create and anxiety.

The same is the issue, that attackers, terrorists, rebels can easily use the SIM from another CNIC and get successfulness in the defined mission, so when the secret agency want to track the person or there gang if it will be fake name and CNIC then it couldn’t tracked.

So it is a big action by the Government that all SIM should be verified by the owners finger print should be in database, and easily be recognized, which activity he/she is performed/performing.

Procedure to Verification

The ways are easy to verify your SIM

  • Take your CNIC and go to the related networks franchise which is nearest to you.
  • Secondly due to a lot more peoples are in franchise you can go to nearest network (TELENOR, UFONE, WARID, ZONG, MOBILINK) retailer, they take 10/20 rupees from you and will be verified you in to the system.


Issues in Biometric system with all networks and their nearest solutions

Now comes towards the main thing which I’m going to help those are facing the same problems, which I’m listening again and again.

Q: Maximum old peoples are mostly facing the problem of removing the lines from their fingers?

Answer:  There is only one solution they have to change its ownership from any franchise or retailer, the procedure of to change ownership you have to take the person either he is your friend or family member with yourself to franchise and also you have to take the SIM for which you have to change the ownership just said to change the ownership, the person will change it at that time, if SIM is mini and IMSI number is not showing the you have to send the message to 667 with text message “MNP”, after few minutes you will receive the IMSI number,

Q: How to get rid of lines in franchise?

Answer: It’s the best way to pass out the lines, that go to nearest retailer(from which you can easy-paisa or easy-load) just say him for verification of you SIM he just take some money either it will 10/20 rupees and verified your number.

Q: If your number is removed from your CNIC then?

Answer: The issue mainly facing know days by different peoples that some number that are on their name but couldn’t remember and after verifying your using number all other numbers will be removed from your CNIC on 26th February 2015.

The best possible solution is you have to firstly forward the complain the number mistakenly remove from my CNIC, I have to forward the complain then you can go to franchise or nearest retailer and say him for verification, then it can be again on your number or may you have to change its ownership, retailer will charge you 40Rs or 100Rs for changing the ownership, I have already explain how to change the ownership of the user.

Q: If the SIM owner has died?

Answer: The solution is same as above that you have to change the ownership by saying the truth.

Q: How to check your SIM is verified or still un-verified?

Answer: There are many peoples who are just receiving the cash and taking thumb impressions but the SIMs were still un-verified,

The best way to check all the SIMs either its verified or un-verified you can use below codes for different networks.

TELENO———Send an Empty text to 7751

UFONE———-Just dial *333*1#

MOBILINK——Type CNIC number and send it to 6001